Why Helvetica

Concept | 1

The installation was designed according to my reflection on the intrinsic
relations between Helvetica and the objects described by that. Helvetica
has been used by variable kinds of brands like Target, MTA. Oral B and the
likes, the range was surprisingly widespread. Thereby I tried to reverse
the causality and created this installation — to let the objects explain and
display the diverse ‘personalities’ of Helvetica.

As the official typeface which is used by countless number of brands, Helvetica is undoubtedly the most adaptable font choice in the world of today. But why? What the ultimate reasons thatenable it to be applied in all the scenes and contexts? The efficiency and effectiveness? Are we ignoring the possibilities beneath the ‘invariableness’ of Helvetica? With these questions, the project explored the significances and transformations of the Helvetica.

Concept | 2

It was completely an experimental zine that redefined the characteristics
of Helvetica. In contrast to the orthodox impression of Helvetica— A
modern, neat and regular typeface, I redesigned it in a totally opposite
way. The shapes were abstractly transformed and interacted with the
brushes and inky textures. Thus to indicate the another possibility of
Helvetica to viewers: Helvetica can also be unconventional and flexible.